Board of Directors


Robert Hartley - Chairman

Born and raised in Wyoming, Robert's love of horses was evident at a very young age.

Many different mentors have guided Roberts journey as a horse trainer: Max Pollet, Roy Yates, Rodger Peterson, Steve Schwartzenberger, and Rocky Dare, to name a few.

Horses have aided in a very exciting journey for Robert, including living and training horses in Germany for four years, horse shoeing and breeding certificates from Oregon State University and competing on an International, National, Regional and local level.

In 2010 Robert, wife Stacy Jo, son Brandon, daughter Hope moved to Harrisburg, OR. It is there that they became owners of a horse facility that offers horse training, clinics, breeding, boarding, lessons and much more.

Roberts experience representing and standing for the membership of multiple Associations is broad. With 10+ years on multiple AQHA Affiliate Boards, in 2017 he became an AQHA National Director, joining the ASHA Board in 2014 and finally, serving as President for 3 years, Robert continues to be a voice for the members and horses.


Stacey Lyle - Vice-Chairman

Stacey was born and raised in Placerville, CA. She has always been in love with horses.

After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Systems Management with a minor in AgriBusiness from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Stacey worked for the late Jeff Walker and developed her love for the stock horse.

In 2005, Stacey moved to Oregon and worked for a Veterinary Service Inc. She and Jason Lyle married in 2007 and now enjoy living in Lebanon with their family, son Cole and daughter Cassie.

Stacey and Jason own Lane Manufacturing Company, where they specialize in custom rubber molding and manufacturing irrigation gaskets.

Riding horses has given Stacey many opportunities to learn from a large handful of wonderful trainers in various disciplines and she has enjoyed taking the best parts from each one. Her favorite aspect of the ASHA format is that it showcases the aspects of the all-around working horse.



Marcia Trujillo - Treasurer

Marcia's love of horses came from her dad, Calvin Davis. She and her brothers enjoyed trips with their father out in the back country throughout Oregon and Idaho.

One of her favorite trips with her dad, was to the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area with all of her family. This horse camping adventure included her husband Gary, two daughters and extended family.

Something that Marcia appreciates about the Stock Horse Pleasure class is the use of a horse to get from one place to the next. This was something instilled in her from Calvin.

When Marcia had her first lesson, Calvin asked what she learned and she explained that she had worked on her stop. He laughed and said, "Thats a good idea".

Marcia's profession throughout life was as a school teacher and her passion for riding and learning has continued on with her horse Little Bit.


Stacy Jo Hartley - Secretary

Stacy Jo grew up in Grants Pass, OR on the Rogue River. It was here that she pursued her two loves: horses and golf.

Balancing horses and golf through high school was a challenge. Weekends were filled with 4H, open shows, and three day eventing mixed in with earning state titles with her High School Golf Team.