All-Around and Class awards are offered at each event for WSSH Members.

Jackpot paybacks will be offered for Class and All-Around paybacks in the Open and Limited Open divisions.

Qualifying for the All-Around is one horse/rider combination, same division, and competing in the four classes.


National and Regional Honor Roll All-Around awards are offered annually for the eight ASHA divisions. Awards are determined by the highest number of points earned by an individual horse/rider combination.

Merit Award Program recognizes those outstanding versatile stock horse/rider combinations, competing in the Open and Non-Pro divisions, that have proven to be consistent over a period of time.

Superior Stock Horse Versatility Award = 100 Merit Award Points
Supreme Stock Horse Versatility Award = 200 Merit Award Points

ASHA Buckles provided during the Region 6 Showdown for each division.

Top 10 buckles for the National and Regional Honor Roll point earners are offered each year to purchase.

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